Sinai has spent a century caring for Chicago, consistently delivering compassion, hope, and health care to those who need it most. Community demographics have changed, medicine has advanced exponentially, treatment standards have evolved. But the passion to care for people, to heal communities, to innovate and address complex challenges, has never diminished at Sinai. For 100 years, Sinai has never wavered in its commitment. And it will continue to write its history alongside Chicago for the next century.



At Sinai, we are continually striving for greater equality for some of the most underserved and disenfranchised communities in Chicago.

Sinai is deeply invested in the community, reaching outside the hospital and clinics to serve everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion. 


Sinai’s legacy embodies a fierce commitment to its mission of service despite the challenges of community disinvestment and an ever-evolving health care landscape. 


Beyond clinical excellence, Sinai addresses social, environmental and economic issues to promote wellness among all it serves.


Sinai sets the standard for urban health care and creative solutions to address the unique needs of our patients and our community. 

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